10 Reasons to Replace Your Roof Now

The time for roof replacement is now. There are many reasons you should replace your roof as soon as possible, and here are the Reasons to Replace Your Roof Now- 

Your Roof Is Old

If your roof is over 10-years-old, it’s a great time to start thinking about replacing it. You might think that just because you’re not leaking or the shingles are still clinging to the house like little barnacles on a shipwreck that everything will be okay for at least another decade, but in reality a decade of sun and heat can take its toll on even the most durable materials. Homes last an average of 20 years in South Florida, so unless you plan to move into something with wheels when hits summer, replace your roof now!

Your Roof Leaks

If your roof has started to leak it’s largely due to one thing – age. All roofs will eventually develop leaks, but if yours is a decade or more old you probably have a few more problems than just leaking. Weather and sunlight are the main culprits for roof damage (not to mention that pesky tree in the back yard,) so it’s time to get started on your roof replacement plan now before you end up with even bigger issues.

One Of Your Roof Members Is Broken

If your shingles or tiles are starting to curl like potato chips there’s a good chance one of the support beams beneath them has cracked or warped. This might be an easy fix by replacing the damaged tile, but it could cause other issues down the road as well as become another symptom of an aging roof system. Don’t try to patch up or fix this one – replace your roof now.

It’s Leaking In Other Places

If you’re getting water in areas other than the middle of the roof, it might be a sign that more damage has been done to your roof than you first thought. While it might be tempting to just pour some buckets on those spots until their problems can be resolved, consider replacing your roof right away before you end up with even bigger leaks and intruding pests into your home. 

You Have An Old Roof Vent

Roof vents are like the chimneys of your home. They allow warm air to escape and cool air to come in, but if they’re more than 8-10 years old, there’s a good chance they aren’t being very effective any longer. If you start replacing your roof now, you can add new vents too so that everything is working as efficiently as possible. It might be tempting to use caulk or just drill another hole somewhere else, but this will likely just lead to bigger problems down the road when you need ventilation most.

The Flashing around Your Chimney Is Damaged

If the flashing around one of the main support beams for your (i.e. the chimney) has cracked or split, this means that water is likely making its way into your home through that gap. If you don’t address the problem now, it’s going to get bigger and more expensive with each passing winter season.

You Need A New Roof

Of course there are always unforeseen problems that can happen at any time – even on a brand new roof. As much as we hope things will go smoothly, it’s likely that something isn’t quite right with your roof and you’ll need to have repairs made or possibly even consider total replacement. The best thing about starting early is that you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of money in the long run by tackling the project before you have little (or big) problems to fix.

You’re Not Sure What’s Going on with Your Roof

When it comes time for a roof replacement, you’ll want to know exactly what is causing the damage and how to repair it. One of the best ways to do this is to get up on the roof (or hire someone who has experience) and take a look around once every season. This might seem like more work than just hiring a professional right away, but you’ll save yourself time by knowing exactly when it’s time to replace your roof instead of replacing parts one at a time. Now is definitely the perfect 

Your Shingles Are Aging

There’s a reason why roofs are replaced after 20 years – because shingles and tiles are made to last that long. Of course, if you neglect your roof for decades you’ll likely have problems like missing shingles or broken tiles well before the 20 year mark – but just consider what might happen if you don’t replace them right away! You might end up wasting more time on repairs than replacement down the road.

Replacing A Roof Is Always Cheaper Than Repairing It

The following two reasons go hand in hand with each other as they’re both concerned with how much money your roof replacement will cost. If you need new shingles, installing them yourself can be an expensive do-it-yourself project or you could hire roofers to take care of it. Either way, your roof is likely to be more costly than not having a roof at all due to how expensive maintenance work can become over the years – as well as how much time you’ll save by replacing problems before they turn into bigger problems!