5 Roof Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

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Since the roof protects the home from falling debris, animals, and pests, we need to invest on it just like any other parts of the house. 

Once you spend this much on your roof, you need to make sure that it will really last a lifetime. You need to do some serious regular inspections and cleanings.

If the roof is properly maintained, it can last up to 25-30 years, depending on the materials used. If the roof has problems, replacing or fixing it may be expensive. It can cost as much as $18,800, $12,000 for the installation and $5,000 for the new roof. But if you prefer high end materials, your expenses may go up higher to as much as $36,000.

Whether your roof is brand-new or very old, here are five helpful ways on how you can keep it to its best condition:

Perform regular inspection – Watch out for signs of insects or animal activity, missing, damaged, or curling shingles.

Trim your trees – trees encourage squirrels and raccoons to enter your home whenever you’re near trees, you need to regularly trim your trees.

Get rid of debris – While having your trees trimmed, better clean the roof as well. Check if there’s any debris lying around your roof.

Clean the gutters – cleaning these gutters allows moisture to clear your roof.

Install attic insulation and ventilation – proper installation of insulation will help stop the roof from distorting, especially during the winter season.

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