Advantages of Aircon Chemical Overhauling For Your Air-Conditioning Systems

When the air conditioner is used in highly polluted areas for about 8 to 10 hours each day, frequent aircon cleaning becomes important. You may wonder why the performance of your aircon is decreasing even when you are properly cleaning it time to time, but it is important to note that surface level cleaning does not always help.

After a certain time, the dirt deposits form such strong clusters that dissolving and cleaning them out of the aircon parts becomes very challenging. This is when the chemical wash becomes necessary for you.

The Benefits of an Aircon Chemical Overhaul

  1. Better Air Quality

In most cases, airborne dust and moisture gets stuck on the aircon components and starts breeding bacteria as well as mould. As they grow in this system, the indoor air quality becomes worse, leading to unhealthy air quality for the residents. With an aircon chemical overhaul, these dust particles, bacteria and molds can be dissolved and eliminated, leading to good air quality without harmful bacteria.

  1. Better Lifespan for the Aircon

As all kinds of system blockages are removed upon the chemical wash and the aircon parts are lubricated along with the contacts and electrical thermostats, the aircon stays in the right shape. It does not have to take on an extra strain or burden when cooling the environment. Therefore, the lifespan of the aircon is lengthened as well.

  1. High Performance 

With a proper cleaning of all the parts of the aircon, the whole system gets overhauled. As a result of this, the efficiency of the system also increases. With better air flow, proper refrigeration level maintenance, a perfect cooling cycle, no bad odor as well as system failure and no risk of water leakage, the whole system runs smoothly.

  1. No Issues of Coil Freezing

Issues like evaporator failure, heat exchanger and condenser issues can also be addressed with deep chemical cleaning.

  1. Decrease of Potential Problems

If it comes to troubleshooting any future problems of the aircon, chemical overhauling is very important. In this process, any damage or leakage issues can be found and mended.

Chemical cleaning of the aircon implies the use of specialized chemicals and agents, which will not only be able to remove contamination, but will also be safe for the aircon components. This method does not require disassembly of the equipment. Chemical cleaning and cleaning of aircons is an important part of modern aircon house maintenance.

The main reason for the appearance of deposits in aircons is non-observance of the water-chemical regime. Namely, these issues include things like feeding the circuit with raw water, untimely or no regeneration of cool air at all, incorrect selection of cooling methods in the aircon and incorrect adjustment of the aircons. For a branded aircon, these reasons may not affect the system immediately, but for the local ones, especially the ones with lesser power, they can have catastrophic consequences in a short amount of time.


Chemical cleaning of aircons is the most effective and safest procedure to remove scale and other contaminants inside the aircon. Scale is formed not only due to the use of hard water as a heat carrier, but due to human factors (personnel do not carry out regeneration, regeneration timer not set, etc.). As a result, the aircon cannot work to the best of its capacity.