Essential Paperwork You Should Verify Before Hiring HVAC Company in Toronto

Are you experiencing heating, ventilation or air conditioning system issues in your home or business? This means that you need a HVAC technician or service company to come and help solve the issue and restore normalcy. It could be as easy as going online, finding one, picking up your phone and dialing a number.

But wait, considering how costly it must have been to install your entire HVAC system, it would be wise if you exercise more vigilance when looking for a suitable HVAC company in Toronto. You could always ask for referrals from your colleagues and friends. You could also do a background check online and offline.

However, the only way to clear all the doubt is to check their credentials. So, here are essential paperwork you should verify before hiring HVAC Company in Toronto.

  1. The License

Before a company gets approved for a license, they are required to meet a number of thresholds. The company must have been in existence for a minimum number of years and must have worked satisfactorily for various clients or customers during this duration.

In addition, a license is proof that the HVAC Company only allows employees who have gone through technical HVAC training and passed all the required exams to work on behalf of the company.

Verifying that the company you are about to hire is actually licensed gives you the peace of mind that they are experienced, familiar with different HVAC systems, and have the necessary training and experience to deliver the services as expected.

  1. The Surety Bond

Before the HVAC Company gets approved for a license, they have to come up with a surety bond.  A surety bond is money that the company pays to the state in order to protect clients like you from unfair dealings and financial disagreements.

There are different types of surety bonds depending on the state and the locality. The most important type of bond that you should ask for from the company is the Contractors’ bond.

The contractors’ bond is there to protect the clients’ interests in the event that the HVAC Company fails to complete the job up to the agreed standards. It also works to cover losses and inconveniences you may have faced as a result of the HVAC Company abandoning the job for whatever reason. The state takes the bond in order to keep the company accountable in all its dealings.

  1. Worker’s compensation Insurance

There are many types of insurance that the HVAC Company may be ready to present to you. But what you should be really interested in is the Worker’s Compensation Insurance. If there’s an accident and a worker is injured, or there has been damage to your property, then the worker’s compensation insurance is there to cover the hospital costs or the damage costs.

It is important to ensure that the HVAC Company in Toronto that you want to hire has the important paperwork listed above. It can save you significant loss of time and money which you would have otherwise been forced to spend if you chose to hire an unqualified company.

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