Home Renovation services You Can Count On

Home renovation is a necessary step for any homeowner, but it follows certain rules and must be done with care. From small jobs to large sites, it can take different forms. Let’s see what it consists of and how to best prepare it.

What does home renovation involve?

Home renovation tends to be scary, but its scope is not always as important as we think, and it is especially necessary to follow certain steps. Its primary objective is often to repair a damaged roof or facade, but it also makes it possible to make the home more ecological and thus save energy. 

From facelifting to the total repair of the roof, including changing doors and windows or fitting out attics, the renovation adapts to your needs and your situation. It is, in all cases, essential to get information from professionals for large-scale work, and to call on certified craftsmen who will respect the standards in force.

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The Primary Step

The first step in any home improvement is to study your home and its problems. Whether it’s the facade, the roof, the openings or the interior, you need to do a careful and comprehensive analysis. For thermal insulation, have an energy performance diagnosis carried out to determine the areas for improvement. Also remember to check the condition of your facade and roof before any renovation, and be sure to prepare them by cleaning them and repairing any cracks. Do not forget to declare your work to the Town Hall, to obtain the necessary permits if necessary and to inquire about any restrictions in terms of architecture, colors, materials and shapes. It is also very important to prepare your budget and request a precise estimate, in which the cleaning and disposal of the rubble are taken care of.

Do you want to change the windows in the house? To have the balcony redone? To renovate the kitchen? 

The service invites you to follow these tips before hiring a home renovation contractor. Here are the tips for choosing a contractor. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right renovation contractor to do your work:  

  • Ask your friends and family for advice on how to get the name of trusted renovation contractors. 
  • Watch out for contractors who do not provide a full address, or only a phone number as contact information. If there is a problem, you may have difficulty finding the contractor. 
  • Before making your choice, see how the contractors work. You will be able to evaluate the materials used and the efficiency of their employees. 
  • You can also obtain information on a contractor using the Find out about a merchant tool, available on the Office’s website. By entering the name of a merchant, you will know:
  • if he has a permit, in the case of an itinerant merchant; 
  • whether complaints have been made about it; 
  • If he has been the subject of convictions or if he has received an opinion from the Office. 

Request for submission 

Clearly define your renovation project, then make a plan, especially if you want to do big jobs. This plan will help you, among other things, to know where you are going and to stay within your budget.