Modern Residential Complexes and Smart Houses in Canberra Drive

The real estate market of Canberra drive operates in a highly competitive mode, therefore construction companies attract buyers with their original architecture, equipped with the adjacent territory and the technical equipment of the residential complex. In this article, experts will consider what a modern residential complex means for developers in Singapore and what unique ideas are used in design.

What is a smart home?

Smart home helps modern developers to stand out from competing companies. Such real estate raises the status of the developer due to work with innovative and unique technologies: free Wi-Fi in the yard, meters that automatically collect indicators and send them to the Main Directorate or the management company, general chats to notify residents and transmit information or statements. Smart home technology helps to control and save resources, which reduces housing maintenance costs and utility bills by 15-30%.

Let us consider below what methods and technologies are used by developers to attract buyers to their properties.

Original architecture

The visually attractive house stands out favourably among the typical buildings in Canberra Drive. If earlier a non-standard facade was available only in the segment of elite housing, then in recent years it is increasingly found in comfort-class housing complexes. The original projects include a porcelain stoneware facade with designer lighting with stained glass, coloured brick inserts and a green roof.

Beautiful entrance lobby

Typical entrances with a black metal door in the front door and grey tiles on the floor bored customers. The entrance group, according to marketers, is a visiting card of a company and a residential complex. The first impression is formed next to the front door, and the stylish interior of the entrance further improves the attitude towards the LCD.

In the common space, designers hang chandeliers, in the hall – mirrors and paintings. Decorating the entrance becomes more expensive: decorative plaster is applied to the walls, stylish tiles are laid on the floor, and a camera with face recognition or an IP intercom is installed at the entrance to the entrance, which is also one of the components of the “smart home” system.

Non-standard layouts

Typical living spaces with rectangular rooms and small kitchens are not trending today. Comfortable planning solutions, semi-circular rooms, tape balconies and Euro-planning are in high demand due to their great functionality. JBE Developers in the Commodore Canberra are offering1 bedroom to 5 bedroom condominiums, penthouses, walk-in closets, 3-meter ceilings and bay windows. Business class rooms are available with a terrace, a winter garden and a private pool.

House territory

Comfort-class houses are characterized by the presence of a landscaped area. The yard is a space in which residents of all ages should feel comfortable. To attract buyers, developers equip the territory with playgrounds and sports grounds with expensive surfaces and equipment, barbecue areas and benches with sockets are provided for the older generation. Modern smart courtyards have Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, bike paths, seating areas, and even a pool or amphitheatre.

LCD infrastructure

The location of a residential complex plays an important role when choosing a property. Reputed developers are increasingly building their own infrastructure. Saving on the cost of land in the centre of Canberra drive pays for the costs of social facilities. Schools and kindergartens are being erected on the territory of the Commodore Canberra, which attracts family people.

Six months or a year after the commissioning of the object, its own infrastructure appears. The first floor in modern residential complexes is designed for commercial premises: pharmacies, beauty salons, shops, children’s development centres, fitness rooms.


An important attribute of a comfort-class residential complex is a parking lot for guests and residents of the house. Developers offer multi-level, automatic, outdoor and underground parking, which will accommodate a large number of cars. The construction company chooses parking options based on financial capabilities. Land plots in Singapore are expensive, and in many cases a developer can build another house on the site of an external parking lot. The underground parking fits perfectly into the “smart home” system, as well as the option of providing security by a security company.