The Different Types of Curtains to Choose the Best for Your Home

There a variety of fabrics, colours, finishes, curtain rods etc. while choosing the best curtain in the market for your home. Based on these characteristics as well as their quality and brands, the curtain clan be classified as box pleated curtains, rod pocket curtains or cased heading curtains, pinch pleated curtains, eyelet curtains, tailored pleat curtains, goblet pleat curtains, tab top curtains, sheer curtains, pelmet and valances, hanging curtains etc. Get in touch with Store urbain in order to get the best and affordable curtain for your house.

The box pleated curtains have lines next to each other shaping as a box that creates box pleating looks. They give the best-tailored appearance with deep folds along the length of the curtain. The box pleated curtains are normally used and fit into dining and study rooms as well as the lounges.

On the other hand, the rod pocket curtains which are also known as cased heading curtains are basically lightweight fabrics and used mainly for nets and not for frequent opening and closing. In these types of curtains normally a casing is sewn across the top and is generally kept open towards the end. The slender curtain rods are used for hanging the rod pocket curtains which are often threaded through the channel and sockets or hooks are used at the sides of the window to fit. These curtains are usually used in rooms that are not used frequently.

The pinch pleated curtains have pinch pleating which gives a decorative finish towards the top and provides more formal finish in comparison to the rod pocket and can be made out of many types of fabrics. You can find five different types of pinch pleated curtains as one finger, two -fingers, three-fingers, four-finger and five-finger pinch pleats. The fullness and size of the pinch pleatedcurtains increase with more pleats such as two-finger pleats or three-finger pleats etc. The eyelet curtains also known as grommet curtains have silver rings at the top where a rod holds the curtain.

The pinch pleated curtains are good for medium to lightweight fabrics. These curtains easily as well as freely hang from the rod and are considered convenient for the bedrooms of the children because they are easier to open, close as well as easy for maintenance. Besides suitable for the children’s bedroom, these curtains are also considered best for modern bedrooms and lounges.

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