Things You Should Know When Buying a Modular Home

Buying a modular home may not be a good idea if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. For instance, many modular homes don’t include a driveway, utility hookups, or stairs from the basement to the main floor. You may need to purchase certain appliances. You may also want to know what your municipality requires of you. Buying a modular home is not for the faint of heart, and not everyone will appreciate the unique features and benefits.

Before purchasing a modular home, make sure to do your research. Most modular homes are constructed using the same materials as stick-built homes, and they will last as long as a stick-built one. However, you will need to perform some routine maintenance on your home to keep its value up and enjoy the appreciation in your home’s value. While you will have to replace the windows and doors in a stick-built home, modular homes are built to last for decades.

Modern modular homes are well-built and can compete with the quality of traditional stick-built homes. With improvements in quality and adherence to building codes, modular homes are a smart option for home buyers. While modular buildings are mass-produced, they also have fewer defects, so the overall cost of your home is lower. A modular home can be manufactured as a single unit or a mix-and-match project.

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