Three Ways To Renew Your Bathroom Without Doing Works

The bathroom which is not near to the visitors are normally the last in the list of priorities when renovating a home. However, without having to do works, you can have a current bathroom with some touch-ups such as painting, lighting, accessories and storage.

Play With The Paint

Painting the walls can be an economical way to update your bathroom without significant changes. But before you jump into the roller, you have to have some considerations.

For example, if the bathroom has moisture cases, it would not be easy to paint. It would be important to resort to a newmarket bathroom repair & renovations professional to determine the reason for the humidity (ventilation, pipes, etc.) and to clean the area previously. Finally, if the bathroom ceiling is very high, it is convenient to paint the walls and ceiling of the same colour (provided it is not white) to make the stay more comfortable and visually more attractive.

Increase lighting

Inadequate lighting can make a bathroom depressing, even if it is a large cabin. You can improve the lighting of a bathroom with economic measures, such as removing from the outside (whenever possible) everything that prevents the passage of light to the bathroom window (bushes or tree branches, for example). Another step to follow is to replace the thick curtains with others that let the light through maintaining the privacy.

On the other hand, you can add mirrors or elements that reflect the sun throughout the room. A large mirror immediately changes any place. In parallel, you have to study the bathroom lights and put some appropriate lamps.

Slightly more complicated but not excessive small changes, such as replacing an opaque door with a translucent one or adding a solar tube or a skylight, can also actively help improve lighting.

Update Your Accessories

Changing bathroom accessories can be the cheapest process to organize your bathroom. Choose handles in bright or eye-catching colours to give a chance to the toilet. On the other hand, boats, carpets, paintings, soaps and shower curtains are simple and economic changes that provide a different air to the bathroom.

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