Your roof is one of the significant investments in your property as it keeps your family safe from weather elements. Therefore, you should promptly address any roofing concerns to prevent further problems down the line. Maintaining your roof in good condition can prolong its lifespan and save you from frequent roof damages requiring costly repairs.

For starters, engaging a roofing company to carry out a roof inspection once or twice a year is advisable. With that, it takes only simple practices to maintain your roof in good condition. Go here to find out more about roof maintenance.

Keep the gutters clean.

Over time your gutters are likely to accumulate leaves and other debris which can clog them. When ignored, a clogged gutter restricts water overflow and can lead to a sagging gutter. Also, when the water is not flowing efficiently, it stands on your roof, leading to roof damage and even water leakage in your ceiling and basement. Cleaning your gutter now and then or even calling a professional roofing company to do it can clear out any obstructions for water flow on your roof.

Trim back trees

Although trees closer to your home can create a picturesque landscape, they can cause other problems on your roof. Firstly, branches close to your home can knock on your roof during a storm and cause immediate damage. Secondly, these branches provide a channel for pests, rodents, squirrels, and other critters to invade your home. 

Others make the gutter their home by building nests that lead to blockage. Always trim any branches growing closer to your roof to ensure they don’t cause any problems during harsh winds and rainfall. You should also ensure the ground landscaping allows enough space for the gutters to drain water properly away from your home.

Inspect for cracked or missing shingles

Excessive summer temperatures can cause the shingles on your roof to crack or shrink, while harsh summer storms can tear the roof altogether. Although a quality roof is built to last for many years, severe weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms are sometimes strong enough to damage the strongest roofs. Having a professional inspect your roof from time to time can help pinpoint missing or cracked shingles and replace them early. That also prevents any possible damage down the line.

Identify leaks in the attic and ceiling.

Although a visual inspection of your roof on the exterior will tell you more about its condition, you cannot pinpoint interior damage from the outside. An easy way to identify any internal damage to your roof is to check the ceiling and attic for any signs of leaks. You should look for signs of water damage such as mildew and mold growth or water stains. When you notice any signs of leaks in your interior roof, you should call a professional to repair it.

Remove snow from the roof.

Snow build-up on your roof can be dangerous, especially if you have an old roof. It can lead to roof collapse, so you should carefully scrape it away with a snow rake. 

The takeaway

Always call a professional roofer to examine your roof for any damages once or twice a year.