What Does a Blocked Drain Plumber Do?

Are you having problems with the drains in your house? Do they emit a foul smell or is dirty water bubbling back? These can be serious as they may pose health risks. Bacteria may build up on the stagnant water. It may also be a haven for cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. What’s worse is that water may start tripping to your floor. As such, you may need the services offered by a blocked drain plumber.  A blocked drain plumber Sydney expert can also be called a sewer surgeon. They are professionals trained to fix clogged blockages and drains in the most efficient ways.

As most people say in Australia, prevention is better than cure. You can prevent blocking your drains by cleaning it regularly. Flushing boiling water with either cream of tartar, salt, or soda will clear the grease on your drains. If there are minor clogs, you can do the same. Or you can use a plunger to remove them. When the blocked drain is further down, don’t attempt to do it yourself. It may result in further damage to your pipeline resulting in lots of expenses and stress. It’s better to hire a clogged drain plumber. They offer a lot of benefits and services to restore the proper functioning of your drains.

Identify the Root Cause of Blockages

First, there are many reasons why you’ve got a clogged drain. Fallen hair is a big culprit. It’s because they can bind with grease to form the blockage. Dead rodents, dirt, grease, oil, soap, tissues, tree roots, or wipes can also contribute to the problem. There may be some cases when the pipes leaked or their joints needed replacement. As an expert, the licensed plumber can identify the root cause using the proper technique and tools. Thus, they can find the best solution to fix your clogged drains.

Detect Blocks and Fix Them Using the Right Equipment

Second, the drain and pipeline system in your Sydney household may be a complex structure. A qualified plumber has the right tools needed to detect and fix any problems concerning your drain. They can even use advanced gadgets like a video camera to quickly deal with the issue. They can also put some control to prevent further damage to your plumbing system.

Fix Clogged Drains Due to Chemicals

Third, chemicals from cleaning products may damage your pipeline and lead to future issues. A well-trained drain plumber can identify them and save you from stress. They can clean and remove these chemicals using eco-friendly means. They’ll warn you not to use harmful chemicals anymore to avoid future problems.

Get Rid of Stinky Drains

Lastly, smelly drains are both unhealthy and unhygienic. They can be the source of bacteria and germs that cause diseases. A reliable plumber can quickly address the issue and keep your household drains clean and smell-free.

Below are other services offered by a blocked drain plumber:

Repair Leaky Pipes

A licensed plumber can repair pipe leaks. They have the right equipment and training to fix a single pipe leak or replace the entire pipe system in your household.

Fix Toilet Problems

They can also address any issues in your toilets. These include clogging, flushing, and overflow.

Resolve Garbage Disposal Issue

Plumbers can also repair a garbage disposal system. They are also trained to identify the causes of garbage disposal jamming.  They can also professionally address the problem.

Install and Repair Water Heaters

They can also repair water heaters. Licensed plumbers are knowledgeable with water heater installations. They can fix any issues that need repair.

Fix Sewer Lines

A qualified plumber can also repair sewer lines. They are very well qualified to handle such a difficult and messy deal. They can very well assess the problems and perform the proper steps to fix them.