Los Angeles soft story building program started in 2015. The reason for starting this program is to make the buildings stronger enough to bear an earthquake. It is predicted that a great earthquake will hit Los Angeles soon. The government is trying to take the necessary steps to ensure safety. It is necessary to protect the lives of the citizens. Protecting the buildings and beauty of the city is also necessary. This is the purpose of the retrofit program. About 13,000 buildings are listed as soft-story buildings. As oft story building is such a building that has more than three stories and a vast open area on the ground floor. The owners of the soft story building have got only two choices. They can either repair the building or demolish it. 

Different categories of soft-story buildings:

A general definition of soft-story building is provided above. There is some more information below:

  • A wooden building containing more than two stories needs to be retrofitted.
  • The buildings made before 1978 also need improvement in their strength. The reason is that these buildings are pretty old and it is necessary to repair such buildings.
  • A building which has a vast space on the ground floor is also a soft-story building. These buildings don’t have enough support, and there are greater chances of massive damage.

It is necessary to fulfil terms and conditions:

The retrofit program has strict rules. You have to get approval by the city housing department to carry out retrofitting. For this purpose, you will need to proceed as specified by the law. Thus, it is better to hire the services of a professional retrofitting company. You can hire individuals, but it will make the whole process really difficult. You will need to hire different people. It will consume more time and money. A better solution is to get the services of a professional company such as Retrofitting360. They provide solutions for all types of soft-story buildings. Learn more about their services by clicking here.