What would cause a basement to flood?

Does your basement flood often? Has your basement waterproofing become compromised, and you are searching for the causes of basement flooding? Do not search further; factors that cause a basement to flood will be discussed in this article. Read more. 

Basement flooding is a headache that homeowners strive to avoid because of the impact it can have on the home and its financial implications. Homeowners are usually advised to prioritize basement waterproofing to prevent flooding that can result in massive water damage. However, it is good to know what causes a basement to flood.

What Causes Basement Flooding?

The following factors are most often responsible for basement flooding.

  1. Location

If your house is built on sloped terrains, where water accumulates and drains, your basement will avoidably flood. As a result, you would need to regrade your home’s slope so that water can flow away from your home. 

  1. Blocked Gutter System

If the gutter system that connects to the public sewer gets blocked, your basement will experience flooding anytime it rains, as there will not be a free flow of water away from your home. You should immediately call the local authorities to prevent the water level from rising to the point of damaging your belongings. 

  1. Clogged Roof Gutters

Clogged roof gutters will cause accumulated rainwater to overflow directly into the basement, causing it to flood based on the intensity of the rain. To prevent this issue, you need to clean the gutters regularly, especially if there are tree branches over your roof.

  1. Poor Sealing

If the floor and wall of your basement are not sealed properly, water can seep through the joints during harsh weather, especially after downpours and heavy storms. 

  1. Waterproofing Failure

Your basement can flood uncontrollably if the basement waterproofing has been compromised. Weeping tile failure and sump pump failure is a good recipe for constant basement flooding. You unavoidably must hire a professional to fix your basement waterproofing to stop your basement from flooding.

  1. Damaged Backflow Valve

As part of measures to prevent basement flooding, a backflow valve is usually installed to avoid water from flowing back into your property, especially if public sewage is flooded. The backflow valve will be triggered to shut off the pipe. But if the valve is broken, the basement will flood without control. 

Hire a professional to carry out proper basement waterproofing of your home to prevent flooding that can damage your property and expose you to health risks from mold and mildew growth.

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