5 Brilliant Safety Tips for Using Loft Ladders


Now that you have bought and installed a loft ladder of your choice, it would be good to learn a few safety tips to reduce accidents and improve the durability of your ladder. See, even if you use it occasionally you still need to take the necessary precautions. 

See, no one would wish to be taken to the hospital as a result of a fall from a loft ladder. Also, you would want to lose someone simply because they fell off the attic ladder. There are brilliant tips that you can utilize to make sure you are safe even when using frequently used loft ladders. Kindly keep reading to get equipped with such useful safety pointers.

Do not overreach

Clear as it is, you should never attempt to overreach items that you cannot reach while on any form of a ladder. It can be dangerous to do so. See, when you try to stretch out to what is a bit far from where you can reach chances of falling off are very high. You may end up in the hospital. Therefore, you should take care and not overreach under whatever circumstances. 

Conduct a pre-check before using the ladder

If the loft ladder is used occasionally, it is advisable you perform a pre-check before you even use it. This helps to identify any defects or serious damages that might have occurred without your knowledge and get to know if you are getting more light into your loft. In this case, you should be keen to find out any abnormalities on the doors, rails, rungs, and the treads. Once you notice any damage, you should not use it until it is repaired by a qualified person. Otherwise, you risk falling off with a thud!

Make sure aluminum ladders are far from electricity

It is good that you bought a loft ladder made of aluminum. However, you should always make sure that the ladder is away from any electric wires. Remember, aluminum is such a good conductor of electricity. So if it gets into contact with the loft ladder, you may end up experiencing an electric shock, which can cause death. In case you notice any naked wires near your ladder and are not sure whether it is in contact or not, call an expert to fix that issue for you. You should not try to pull them away unless you are an electrician. 

Do not leave your loft ladder hanging

It is not good to leave the attic ladders handing once you are done using them. Simply stow them away. If you leave them hanging, kids may try to climb them, and since many children do not understand the safety measures, chances of accidents are very high. They might even start playing with them, which may lead to injuries. So, always make sure you leave the loft ladders intact in their right positions. 


The tips shared above are meant to make sure that you will always be safe when using the loft ladder or any other form of a ladder. Do not underrate any of them. Lastly, remember not to leave the ladder hanging, which endangers the life of kids or even you.