Things That You Need To Know If You Want To Become An Interior Designer

Are you thinking about stepping into the world of interior designing? If the answer is a yes, you need to be thoroughly clear about thisS field and the work that you need to do. Interior designer is a lucrative career option and there are a lot of successful interior designers of Delhi. But is it the right career option for you? Here are some things that you need to know about before you decide to become an interior designer:

  • Know The Difference

Some people might confuse interior designers Delhi with interior decorators. The former is quite different from the later. Anyone can become an interior decorator as it does not require an educational degree. But that is not the case with interior designers. You need at least a bachelor’s degree in interior designing in order to be known as an interior designer. An interior decorator lacks the vast knowledge that the designer gets about cuts, fabrics and colours. An interior designer gets paid more than a decorator and their work is more refined.

  • FlairFor Design

One of the most important things that you need to have is a knack for designing if you want to become an interior designer. Architecture, spatial arrangements, colours and textures are some of the things that should excite you if you want to pursue this field. It is always a good choice to take up a profession that aligns with your interests. If you have received compliments for your décor, then you should definitely study to become an interior designer Delhi.

  • Interdisciplinary Subject

Studying interior designing doesn’t always deal with fabrics and colours. Apart from fabric and furniture, you need to learn more about several different topics to become a good interior designer. Topics such as Psychology, CAD or computer aided drawing, building codes and history of design should also be studied in detail. You need to know a lot of things because as an interior designer, you will be working with people from different walks of life. Interior designers have to work with builders, homeowners, architects, business owners as well as government agencies. So you have to be an all rounder to shine in this field.

  • Think About The Salary

The life of an interior designer Delhi seems glamorous but that is not always the real situation. The salary of an interior designer is not always as high as lay men think it to be. A lot of factors such as location, experience, type of work and the kind of firm play an important part on deciding the salary. An interior designer with more experience will get hired at a high end firm and thus, will earn more than the newcomers. You have to constantly work hard to gain more exposure.

  • Work On Communication Skills

An interior designer not only works with furniture and colours, but has to also deal with people. Hence, your communication skills should be good in order to deliver what your client wants. Clients can be quite finicky so you have to work as a mitigator at times to sort out issues. Some of the clients are often clueless about what they want and as an interior designer; it is your job to help them discover the various options. You need to be a peoples’ person in order to be a good interior designer.

  • Build Your Portfolio

You may know a lot about buildings and designs but you need to have a strong portfolio in order to be a good interior designer Delhi. A portfolio will showcase all your previous projects and design. No matter where you go , you will always have to show a portfolio to your clients in order to get the job. If you are a newcomer and your portfolio is not upto the mark, it is a better idea to offer your services at a lower rate. This will help you to gain more experiences and give a boost to your portfolio. Moreover, you will also get to work with local merchandisers which can help in future projects in terms of contacts.

  • Know The Local Codes

The competition in the field of interior designing is cut-throat and you need to be better than your peers. One way to be good at what you do is to know about the local codes and laws. Things such as plumbing codes, walls bearing loads and electricity supply should be taken into consideration when you are working on any project. This will not only help you to deliver better work but it can prevent future accidents as well.

Being an interior designer does not mean that you get to flaunt your superior sense of style. It means that you have to present your clients with a wide array of options according to their style an work accordingly.