5 Ways to Get Privacy Without Curtains

Having the level of privacy you desire in your house is crucial. Although you can go for window replacement, you can consider several other ways to ensure privacy in your home. However, the focus of this write-up is how you can get privacy without curtains. You can get privacy for your home by thinking out of the box, and implement some creative ideas.

If you wish to get privacy for your home without using curtains, follow the tips below:

  1. Colourful Bottles

It may surprise you how you can get privacy by using colorful bottles. You only have to gather as many colourful bottles as possible. And ensure that they are of different sizes. Arrange these bottles along the windowsill.

The bottles will be the focus of attention on your window and block the direct view into the interior of the room. Besides, this artistic arrangement will look so fabulous when the sun shines through the colourful bottles to give you the appearance of a rainbow.

  1. Tall Planters

Another way to get privacy for your home without using curtains is by using tall planters. If your living room is visible from the entry door, you can minimize this view by placing tall planters on either side of the entrance to improve privacy and obscure view. You can also place the planters close to the windows where you need more privacy.

  1. Glass Etching

Your creativity will be required here as you need to stencil your preferred patterns onto the glass to block the view. With the patterns on the glass, you would reduce the amount of visibility into your room. This will add to the interior décor and also serve to obscure the view. There are different types of film that you can purchase and post on the glass to achieve this purpose. You need a stencil, stencil adhesive, glass etching cream, and a brush to apply the cream and adhesive.

  1. Faux Stained Glass

Another way to get privacy in your home is by undertaking a DIY work to create a design on the glass of your windows to imitate the appearance of stained windows. A project like this will block out the view. You can achieve this by buying several stickies that can cling to the glass. Several types of stickers are available that you can use to block views into your room.

  1. Cut Shapes onto the Glass

You can get privacy without curtains by cutting shapes and posting them onto the glass of your windows or doors. Choose your preferred shapes, cut them out, and stick them to the glass. You would undoubtedly get privacy in your home. This process is fast, efficient, and result-oriented.

If you are not satisfied with the options above, you can contact a windows company for the types of windows that will guarantee maximum privacy without curtains. A film can be posted on the glass, and it can undergo a particular procedure to ensure full privacy.