6 Best Exterior House Paint Colours for 2022 

Are you planning to paint or repaint the exterior of your home in 2022? When it comes to our homes, the first impression is often the last. Your exterior house paint tells your guests what to expect on the inside. Choosing the right hue for the exterior of your house is important as you want to feel the gush of pride every time you look at it.

Lucky for you, we have handpicked the 6 best exterior house paint colours that will make you instantly drool.

  1. Butter yellow 

If you want a cheery colour for your house that screams sunshine and rainbows but don’t want anything too bold, then butter yellow is the perfect colour for you. It is a great colour choice especially for beach houses and people who live in tropical areas. This colour will make your home appear bigger and the best part is that this light hue will absorb heat and keep your home cool in the summers. You can use accents of white, grey or red for the trims and the windows.

  1. Refreshing neutrals 

We agree that the classic white, grey, brown, beige and cream would never go out of style. However, if you are looking for ways to have fun while going neutral, then colours like ivory, taupe, mint green and pale hues like lilacs, mauve and dusty pink are what you should be checking out right away. The best part about going for these neutral and muted colours is that they provide a rich and gorgeous contrast to the dark greens and the browns from the landscape.

  1. Greens 

Green has been a classic exterior house paint choice, however in the post-pandemic world it is reemerging with a twist. If you are worried that the green paint will blend with nature and make your home appear washed out, then you must check out the trendy olive green, khaki green, sage green and hunter green. These earth tones are perfect for mountain cabins and houses in the woods as they help you create a calm and grounding vibe for your home.

  1. Blues 

While there is nothing wrong with the classic nautical-themed houses, go for powder blue, colonial blue, pale blue, teal or aqua if you want to spice things up. These colours are not only refreshing and easy on the eyes but they are known to boost your serotonin and help you transform your home into your peaceful oasis. Blue is a great outside wall paint colour for lakeside houses, beach houses and people who have a bohemian-inspired home décor.

  1. Burnt Orange 

If you have a Tuscan-style house or a Mediterranean villa, then this spicy and cosy colour is just what you need. A pro tip is to go for colours like beige, tan, browns and greens when you are selecting the accent colours. This rustic hue is a great option for mountain cabins, farmhouses and people who have a vintage- themed home décor.

  1. Almost Blacks

We are talking about soft blacks, greys, black forest green and other near blacks which are trending in 2022. While a jet black exterior house paint might seem too gothic, these almost black hues are a great option to consider. These colours help in making your home appear rich, warm and inviting. It’s a great colour choice for people who have vast houses and are looking for ways to shrink their homes and make them appear less intimidating and more intimate.

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