Do You Think Wool Carpeting Is Ideal For Your Home?

Soft to touch and luxurious to feel, with the integrity of outstanding health benefits, performance maintenance, & beauty—wool is the only natural and sustainable fiber that people usually prefer for their carpeting. Do you also think wool carpeting is ideal for your home? If so, read on to know the tremendous benefits of wool;

Benefits Of Installing Wool Carpets To Your Place

  • Wool Is Biodegradable

In soil, the biodegrading of wool will lead to the production of several essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Even the decomposition of this natural fiber in a landfill will leave no harmful residues. At the end of its useful life, wool is composed of the building blocks of life—amino acids. Its decomposition into nutrients promotes further growth of grass.

  • Wool Is Energy Efficient

Produced from natural and renewable resources, wool requires less energy in production as compared to synthetic fibers. Wool carpets reduce cooling and heating energy requirements by preventing the rise and loss of heat through floors.

  • Wool Is Flexible & Extremely Durable

The major reasons why people opt for wool carpeting is their durability, elasticity, resilience, and reliability. Just like coil spring, wool possesses a higher degree of a natural crimp which is why it can bear heavy pressure. Wool carpets can last for years without getting damaged.

  • Wool Is Warm, Cozy, & Comfy

There’s no doubt that this natural fiber composes of superb insulating features. It helps keep your home cool during summers and warm during winters. Due to its unique chemical structure, wool is capable of regulating humidity. It releases moisture when the atmosphere is dry and absorbs when the atmosphere is damp. So, we can say wool carpets can make your home more comfortable by improving the air quality.

  • Multiple Areas For Usage

Woolen carpets can bear higher foot traffic. You can place them anywhere in your homes like entryways, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Whereas it is better off to avoid these carpets in outdoor areas and washrooms because they can deteriorate if not dry immediately. Moreover, wool can get fade with excess exposure to the sun.

  • Less Static Electricity

Wool carpets do not conduct static electricity because they possess special features of moisture retention. The less is static electricity, the less it will trap dirt.

  • Soil Hiding Features

As compared to other fibers, wool will not show soil. This is because wool is of darker color. It doesn’t reflect or refract light, thereby making the soil less visible.

  • Wool Is Naturally Safe
  • Wool is known for its flame resistance due to low flame spread and heat release features, difficulty to ignite, and high protein & moisture content. It possesses superb self-extinguishing features and doesn’t drip or melt.

So, there you have it….Just a few of the many reasons why you should opt for wool carpeting. Being environmentally friendly, wool carpets can be used anywhere in the home be it a kids’ room or a living room. After knowing their importance, you might consider installing them soon at your place!