Tips To Select The Best Granite 

Granite falls under one of the most in-demand materials for beautifying the countertops in your home because of its aesthetic appeal and durability. However, since there is an ocean of options, finding the right one for your house can become impossible. 

There are an array of styles and about 200 colors to choose from. Which color suits your comptoir Granite au Sommet best depends on various factors that professionals understand. If you want to get the work done yourself, maybe a few expert tips can help you. 

Tips for selecting the best granite 

  • Personal preference. 

When choosing a slab, the first thing to determine is which one you like. Scan the various options and focus on the one that catches your eye the most. For example, determine whether dark colors catch your attention or light ones do, or if you prefer minimal veins or heavy ones. There are a plethora of combinations to choose from. 

One bonus tip for people who plan to sell their home in a few years is picking neutral colors. Neutral colors attract more potential buyers and boost the value of your house. 

  • Consider the size of your kitchen. 

Whether your kitchen is small or large is an important factor to consider before picking the pattern of the slab. For example, light-colored slabs suit small kitchens the best, making your kitchen look more spacious. 

With darker colors and less natural light, the space may look smaller. If you prefer dark granite, pick the one with light veins as it also serves the purpose. You can safely experiment with darker colors if you have a large kitchen.

  • Avoid glittery tiles if you want a robust countertop. 

If you have a family with kids that tend to spill things here and there, you would want a countertop that can bear the stains. Therefore, it is best to avoid glittery ones. Glittery countertops may look attractive in the beginning, but they are more prone to cracks and chips and less likely to face hardships. For homes with kids, it is better to go for an option that requires less maintenance and cleans easily. 

  • Understand the installation process. 

Several factors need to be considered for the installation process, such as the size of the kitchen, configuration of the space, design of the granite, size of the slab, and many others. Remember that your goal should be picking something that requires less work during the installation as well as one which fits your taste.