Everything you need to know about pool filtration

The days of winter are approaching and it is time that you should be closing your pool. However, closing the pool also requires you to be considerate about the filtration system to prevent dirt and debris in the pool. If you have recently got a pool installed in your house, you may not know but the filtration system can help to bring about significant benefits. 

You can consult expert constructeur Piscine De Mone for knowledge regarding these pool filters. These are responsible for keeping away all the dirt and debris away. 

What are the pool filters? 

Pool filters are like water filters aimed at keeping away all the dirt and debris away from your pool when it is closed. These filters are usually attached to the plumbing network. All the impurities are removed off the pool from a physical barrier. Pool filters are extremely efficient for they trap not only big particles but also smaller ones. It is necessary to install pool filters for the primary source of removing water contaminants. 


Pool filters are able to remove all types of dirt and debris. It frees the pool water from all the visible contaminants such as microorganisms, faecal matter, food and even tiny insects. This further helps you maintain the purity of pool. Apart from that, they are also helpful for preventing bacteria and algae growth. 

No one would like to swim in a dirty pool. It is not always possible for you to get rid of all the dirt manually. However, the installation of filters in your pool can boost the purity and keeps the water clean. 

Types of pool filters

There are usually three types of water filters: cartridge, sand and De Pool. 

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are the most commonly used pool filters. They are easily cleaned through the process of backwashing thereby helping you save time, energy and money. The cartridge filters are the most suitable for small pools. 


  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy installation

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the most convenient option for cleaning hard water. These are the oldest type of pool filters. These used sand and gravel to clean the pool in earlier days. Sand filters are effective for cleaning larger pools. 


  • Low maintenance
  • Inexpensive and easily replaceable

DE Pool Filter

DE Filters are diatomaceous earth filters made of fossilised remains of microorganisms. They are the best when it comes to obtaining the cleanest waters. They can clean microorganisms that aren’t visible to the human eye. 


  • Needs less space
  • Requires very less water to be cleaned.


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