How is Net Zero Building Revolutionizing the Future of Commercial Architecture?

Carbon emissions are a major contributor to global warming, hence we must also consider that architecture must be done in such a way that it leaves as minimal carbon footprint if possible. People must realize that climate change is real and we need to act on it as soon as possible. There are many ways to integrate solar power into an environmentally friendly home building, but if you want to level up, you can try net zero building as well. Get in touch with Stendel + Reich data center architects, if you are planning for one. Net zero buildings will soon revolutionize the future of architecture.

A net zero building is a building that generates its own carbon free renewable energy and with such amount that it is sufficient for the annual energy use of the building. Many buildings try to level up by selling away their extra renewable energy to a power grid. This helps in profit generation as well as the power grid with renewable energy. The inception of net zero buildings begin with architects considering the materials, insulation and energy efficiency seriously before its installation to generate renewable energy. The net zero buildings should be equipped with:

  1. LED lighting
  2. Energy efficient climate control systems
  3. Photovoltaic solar panels for electricity generation
  4. Energy efficient electronic appliances with smart sensors and timers
  5. Low flow or composting toilets
  6. Reflective roofing
  7. Smart landscaping

Why is it important?

Net zero buildings must not be considered a trend. Countries must implement this to make sure that new constructions are now environmentally friendly. There are many plans and agreements signed globally to leave no stone unturned in order to meet the emission standards. As a thriving number of new buildings are built on an annual basis, it is sensible to realize that how net zero buildings can effectively help in fighting climate change. As a major chunk of the planet is now trusting on the scientists that climate change is real and architects have to be more concerned and familiar with the concept of net zero buildings to meet the needs and demands of commercial and residential architecture as well. Nowadays, everyone is going environmentally conscious, they won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to building their properties as well.


Net zero buildings are made with consciousness. Architects never just take the cheapest materials and construct a building, but a serious consideration is put while constructing to make it energy efficient and make sure it generates renewable energy.