Common Myths and Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

As with any other industry; the replacement windows industry also has plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. We share here some common misconceptions surrounding them and try to set the record straight.

Myth# 1. New windows and replacement windows are different from each other.

The reality is that there is hardly any difference between them. What differentiates them is the slight difference in their installation process, especially of wood windows. It arises depending on whether you are selecting a full frame replacement or an insert replacement with them. Vinyl and aluminum windows require full replacement of its frames.

Myth#2. Windows can be replaced only during the summer

There is no such hard and fast rule about it. The reason people prefer not to do it during winter is because of fear of the cold blast of air seeping inside the house. However, professional expert in replacement windows in Bel Air know their job well and have the tools and facilities to protect your house and keep it warm while the job is being undertaken.

Myth#3. Windows do not impact the resale value of a house

It is completely false. Any buyer would look into all aspects of the house. Windows form an important aspect of it in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Reports also indicate that houses with vinyl windows tend to fetch a higher price as houses with quality and attractive windows.

Myth#4. The DIY route is a smarter and cheaper option

Honestly, this does not hold any water. The only money you save is the installation cost, but you also lose on its long-term benefits. You are more likely to incur higher maintenance and repair costs as well as higher repainting cost in the future. You also lose on the warranty that you get with professional help.

We hope we have been successful in setting some records straight.