How To Find The Best Interior Designer – Qualifications and Other Metrics

Choosing an interior designer can be difficult, especially since the practice of this profession is not regulated. As part of our guide on the criteria for choosing the right professional, find here some elements to take into account to help you select the professional responsible for decorating your home.

The Research

Whenever possible, it is best to call on an interior designer who has already worked with one of your relatives. You can therefore ask your friends, relatives or acquaintances to give you the name and contact details of an interior design professional.

Searching the Internet is another solution. Posting an ad on social networks is a great idea since many professionals offer their services through these platforms. Also, do a Google search for a list of interior designers near you. 

Do not forget to specify the name of your city or that of your department. Whatever the means of research used, the reputation of the service provider is a criterion that should not be neglected in finding the best interior designer.

The Qualifications

You can compare the professionals who responded to your ad based on their qualifications. Note that interior designers obtain this title after a BAC + 5 training in art or architecture. Those who cannot justify such training often carry the title of interior designer or coach.

Serious professionals join organizations that recognize their skills on the basis of different criteria. They are affiliated with various associations such as the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI) or the National Union of Interior Architects, better known by the acronym UNAID.

The Benefits

The selected interior designers will not fail to present their portfolio to you. This document brings together all the work carried out with supporting photos. You can thus get an idea of ​​the tastes of each professional and of the way they work. Also consult the comments left by former customers to confirm your choice.

The Rates

Prices are among the criteria to be taken into account in choosing your interior designer. It is clear that you will have to choose the one that offers rates in accordance with your budget. Note, however, that prices vary depending on the reputation, but also on the experience of the chosen professional.

Guarantees and Insurance

Make sure the interior designer offers the necessary guarantees, including the ten-year guarantee and professional liability insurance. These covers can be useful, especially if major jobs are planned. Also ask if the provider of your choice offers the completion guarantee.

The Project

The choice of interior designer should above all be based on your project. The question is therefore whether you want to revamp your interior or completely transform the space. Note that the decorator intervenes for all work that does not require a building permit. On the other hand, if the project involves knocking down load-bearing walls or partitions to completely rearrange the space, you will need to call in an interior designer.

Research Resources

You can search directly on the Internet for the interior designer responsible for personalizing your home. Enter the keywords “interior designer” and “interior”, as well as the name of your town or department in the search engine for convincing results. You will thus obtain the list of professionals established in your city or in the surrounding municipalities.