How to Get a New Kitchen for Half the Cost

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Kitchen remodels are some of the most common and also the most expensive. A new kitchen can cost upwards of £20,000 and even more if you are looking for something luxurious. For many homeowners, a new kitchen is only a dream that sometimes can take years to afford. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. You can get the kitchen you desire without spending too much. It’s possible to buy replacement kitchen doors on a budget without compromising too much; but how?

Online Shopping

Kitchen cabinets and countertops take up most of the budget when remodelling. Shopping online for them is one way to reduce expenses. Online suppliers offer discounts and deals that can help you shave a considerable amount from the overall total. Additionally, you have more options to work with online. When shopping for kitchen furnishings, you need to make extensive comparisons before settling on a supplier. With online stores, you can compare hundreds of offerings without spending too much time on it. Find deals that suit your remodelling requirements and spending.

Keep Most of The Layout

A lot of people spend exorbitant amounts on kitchen renovations due to layout changes. Sometimes, getting that perfect kitchen layout means knocking down a wall or putting up a new one. However, this also means spending money on contractors and builders. In some instances, permits may also be necessary. Try to maintain most of the original footprint if you want to save money. You can consult with a designer about how to get the best out of your current layout. It may be that your appliances only need a proper arrangement.

Don’t Move Appliances Too Much

As you try to rearrange kitchen appliances for a more functional and aesthetically pleasing layout, don’t make drastic changes. When you move some appliances, you would have to do the same for the plumbing. The electrical wiring, water and gas pipes may have to be in different positions to suit the end arrangement. These changes will add you the cost of your new kitchen. Find ways to move appliances minimal distances.

Consider Painting When You Can

Changing the look of your cabinets doesn’t always mean installing new ones. Cabinets are some of the large expenses of kitchen renovations. A new paint coat can give your cabinets a fresh look to go with other adjustments in the kitchen. If you can, paint yourself to save money on painters. A paint job is also significantly cheaper than staining the cabinets.

Share Work with the Contractor

Reduce the contractor’s responsibilities by handling some of them yourself. Painting kitchen cabinets, installing cabinet doors and tiling are a few tasks that some DIYers will have no problem with. You can help with some of the research and shopping as well. For a person with the time, you can be your own contractor and supervise the kitchen installation. Do due diligence like finding out where another contractors shop.

A new kitchen can boost the value of your home significantly, but the costs of a decent one can be astronomical. With a few cost-cutting measures, you can remodel your kitchen as desired without going broke.


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