Inspirational Garden Design Ideas For 2022

As we approach the new year, we know that many of you will be looking at your gardens, making plans as to how they can be refreshed and redesigned in 2022. There are a number of great modern designs that are certain to endure the changing styles and trends of years to come, with many exciting new developments that you might just find work for your taste. We are sharing our favourites for your inspiration.

Remember, it is important that, before you begin any work on your garden, to have as much fundamental information as possible. Knowing the profile of your outdoor space, from what shadows fall to the acidity of the soil, can be extremely helpful at both maximising the enjoyment of your garden design and ensuring that they are long-lasting. 

Once you have all the information you need, it’s time to start looking for ideas, thinking about exactly what you want to get out of your outdoor space. 

Bring In Colour

Aside from the passing bloom of flowers, people remain relatively conservative about bringing colour to their garden. There is so much potential for vibrant and understated palettes, many of which can make the visual power of petals pop even more. In the new year, consider adding colourful pots and garden furniture items to your space, or, for a more dramatic overhaul, add colours to your borders and fences, transforming the entire garden.

Raise The Ground

Adding layers to your garden can change its dynamic, whether it is to create sectional divides, such as dining areas, or to add depth to a smaller space. Decking can be an easy way to go about this, but more natural inclines and steps are possible, with organic materials being used to elevate areas. Raised areas can even be turned into statement designs, hidden away behind hedges and trees for a bold design.

Introduce Structures

Depending on your garden’s size, as well as how much light it is subject to, the presence and utility of a structure might be perfect for your needs. More residents are looking to find pergolas, summer houses, and log cabins for sale, each with the desire to have an outdoor space that benefits from indoor features. Covered areas can be perfect for relaxation, dining, and socialising, protecting residents from weather conditions while simultaneously immersing them in nature.

Consider Maximalism

Now that minimalism seems to have run its course, it is maximalism that is being celebrated by designers across the country. Confident and considered designs are appearing, being created from collections of mismatched garden design elements. Mosaics are power-clashing with bright flower pots alongside mixed wood garden furniture, all of which ties together to feel not messy but cosy and creative. 

Patchwork Nature

Welcoming a natural ecosystem into your garden space is in vogue. Lawns are out and meadows are in. Instead of flowerbeds, it’s time to cultivate a patchwork of wilderness, one that encourages the ecology and wildlife of the local area. So, instead of removing weeds, it might be time to see how they can be useful.