Kitchen renovation 101: A basic guide for homeowners!

If your kitchen cabinets are more than 8 to 10 years old, or you are moving into a home that has been used by someone else for years, it is probably wise to think of renovation. Kitchen remodeling projects can be tricky, because it’s important to have a functional space, but without losing out on style and design. Regardless of your budget and size of the kitchen, taking professional advice always helps. Companies like Renovation Cuisine Vima work with clients in a personal way, to help with design aspects, components like countertops and cabinetry. In this post, we are sharing a basic guide on kitchen renovation for every homeowner. 

Start with designs 

Many kitchen renovation services have their own studio or website, where you can check some of their ready designs. If you like something, they will send in their experts, who will recommend the right things, take measurements and place an order. It is possible to customize every single part of your kitchen, but keep practical considerations in mind. 

Select countertop material wisely

Many people like to roll the pizza bread or cut veggies directly on the countertop. In other words, countertops and worktops bear the brunt of our culinary journey and skills. Make sure that you select a material that doesn’t require extensive maintenance and is durable. Kitchen countertops and worktops should last for at least a decade, and some of the best choices include granite, marble and quartz. Light-color counters may be prone to staining, so keep that in mind. 

Go for elaborate cabinetry

Contemporary homes are getting smaller in size, and kitchens are often tiny. You have to make the most of available space, and if you think you don’t need extra storage, think again. Keep in mind that your kitchen can look cluttered if everything is in plain sight. Elaborate cabinetry covering an entire wall can make the area look neat and maintained. 

Ask for an estimate 

If you have hired a service for kitchen renovation, always get an estimate in advance. Home remodeling projects often go out of budget in no time, and you need to find a service that’s transparent in their work and pricing. Also, keep variables in consideration – for example, if you are buying new appliances, prices may change by the time you buy them after other work has finished. 

Your kitchen should be the most functional part of your home. Make the money count!