Pole Buildings: A Whole New Way of Do it Yourself

There are probably a lot of homeowners who have had the fantasy of owning a large home without a lot of expense. Not only that, but they want something that would allow them to control as much of the final design as might be practical. If that describes the kind of homeowner you are, there’s good news. It’s called a pole building, and it’s one of the fastest-growing building trends in the country.

Anyone who has watched a barn being built has a general idea of what a pole building is all about. This unique style of architecture has no foundation. It can be constructed either using poles or panels. As limiting as that might seem to some people, thanks to a lot of forward-thinking builders, it’s really not. Instead, owners can pick and choose among a wide variety of floor plans which, of course, affect both the interior as well as the exterior design.

Open Living

As much freedom as the design of Pole Buildings is on the outside, most people build in this style for the freedom it gives them on the inside for how they utilize the space. Again, there are floor plans galore to choose from, but one of the primary benefits of pole building is the large open space that results on the inside that owners are free to customize in virtually any way they wish.

Owners customize pole buildings in a number of ways. Pole buildings end up with multiple floors, high ceilings, lofts, and practically anything else an owner can imagine.

Freedom and Low Cost

As much freedom as the pole building style of construction gives owners, one of the greatest benefits is the cost savings. Pole building homes are available as kits to complete yourself, or there are contractors who specialize in the construction of pole homes. Not only do these specialized contractors know how to build pole homes, but they know how to do it so owners benefit from the greatest advantage of all: lower cost.

The lower cost of pole homes has nothing to do with the quality of materials. It’s due to two things, with the first being the lack of a foundation. Pole homes are built on a platform that lies directly on the ground. Second, pole home construction is only built to the extent the owner wishes, allowing them total discretion over what is included for both the interior and the exterior.

Once construction of the exterior is complete, the owner can complete as much or as little as they wish, whenever they wish. This also means an owner can spend as much as they desire wherever they desire. Even materials themselves are less expensive than traditional sidings and roofing materials, not because of the materials, but because of the techniques of using them.

Homeowners who want to build a home that is totally to their specifications should consider a pole home in their plans. Pole homes are the closest thing to a perfect home that many home buyers look for.

Any homeowner who is looking for a way to get into the housing market without sacrificing an arm and a leg should seriously consider a pole-built home. It’s a style thousand have already turned to for making their home ownership dreams come true.