Products mold remediation services Riverside uses to get rid of mold effectively

 Having noticed black, green or gray spots in their bathroom or kitchen, people often wonder why mold might have attacked their apartment. The answer to this question is very simple – mold appears in the premises where there is excessive dampness. The first thing you should do is to determine the source of dampness and only then apply to mold remediation services Riverside or other cleaning companies specializing in this type of cleaning. 

So, what usually causes dampness? The main causes of excessive dampness are: 

  • Leaking pipes; 
  • Rainwater seeping through a roof;
  • Clogged sewer;
  • Water seeping through a window frame;
  • Water leaking from a crack in a pipe.

Increased dampness due to defect or lack of waterproofing. 

These causes of dampness often lead to the appearance and fast growth of mold and require urgent repairs necessary to eliminate the sources of dampness. 


If your house is newly built, it may still be damp due to the use of water during construction (e.g. plastering). If your home is damp for any other reason, it may take several weeks to dry your home using heating and ventilation. You can contact mold remediation services Riverside which also carries out the drying work. 

After identifying and removing the sources of dampness, it is necessary to seek the professional assistance of mold remediation services Riverside or other experts to help you get rid of mold in your apartment or house.

Why is it necessary to apply professionals to take care of mold? Specialized services like mold remediation services Riverside have only high-quality products in their arsenal, which not only fight mold effectively but also have no negative effect on human health. The following professional cleaning products used by mold remediation services Riverside proved to be the most effective in dealing with mold.

SIDOLUX PROFI. The product effectively removes stains caused by mold and other fungi, as well as lichens, algae, and mosses. It is possible to use this remedy on various types of surfaces. The liquid thoroughly and quickly washes away mold and other fungi that appear on the premises. The product is intended for use on joints, bathtubs, shower trays, washbasins, tiles, shower enclosures, shower curtains, etc. It’s easy to use this product – just spray the surface with it, leave for 20-30 minutes, and then wipe with a damp hard brush or cloth. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water. 

Ceresit CT 99. It is an antibacterial fungicide against mold for concrete, stone, brick, and plaster, however, it doesn’t designed for wooden surfaces. Ceresit CT 99 has several indisputable advantages: it has nutral odor and good preventive properties, it is also easy and economical to use. When working with this product, it’s necessary to wear a protective mask and gloves. The solution is diluted according to the instructions and applied with brushes on the surface. The treated surface is cleaned and washed after 8-9 hours.

Tikkurila Homeenpoisto. This hypochlorite solution removes mold from wooden, plaster, and concrete surfaces. It also works well on painted and unpainted walls. Cleaning companies like mold remediation services Riverside appreciate this product for its economical packaging, neutral smell, and efficiency. The solution is applied with a sprayer or brush, previously diluted with water in a ratio of 1:3. Depending on the degree of mold infection, it is left for 30-90 minutes and then washed off.

Professional products make the process of mold elimination easier, however they should be used by specialized services only.