Selecting a service for power washing: Top things to know!

Many homeowners believe that power washing is a service used by elite. The exterior of your home demands attention, not just because of the curb appeal, but also because aesthetic aspects do add value to the property. Landscaping your hard is just one step in the process. You also need to ensure that walkways, pathways, payments, driveways, roof, concrete surfaces and siding are cleaned regularly, especially before and after the winters, because things like mold and mildew can create real problems. There are companies Zachs power washing that offer all the cleanup services you need for home exteriors, but how do you select one? Here are some aspects worth knowing.

Ask about the process of power washing

The process of power washing involves using water, but the pressure and volume do make a huge difference to the results. For instance, high pressure washing can impact and wash away the paint from the siding, and that can mean spending more on painting again. The best companies rely on soft washing, where the water volume is high, but the pressure not so much, and therefore, paint and siding are not damaged. Some kind of cleaning agents can be used, as well.

Get estimates

In general, power washing is a onetime job, and most services are more than willing to offer an estimate in advance. The estimate should be an inclusive and depends on the work to be done. For example, if your exteriors are covered in mold, you may have to pay a tad more. Many companies also offer yearly contracts, so you just pay a fixed fee, and they will offer power washing as and when required.

Do get the basic answers

As a new client, you must ask a few questions before selecting a power washing company –

  1. Will you offer references?
  2. Are you licensed and insured?
  3. Who are your team members? Are they trained?
  4. What kind of additional serviced do you provide?
  5. Can you offer an estimate for free?

Make sure that the company explains their power washing process in detail, and their estimate should be a transparent one. Find a service that’s experienced and well-known, rather than one that’s offering the lowest price.

In conclusion

Done right, power washing can improve the curb appeal and look of your home considerably, and it’s a great way to keep the walkways, pathways and concrete surfaces sparkling clean. Shortlist a few services now!

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