What is traffic cones used for?

Street works are considered a source of danger for technicians and workers, but also for road and sidewalk users: pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, etc. The use of appropriate señalización vial   is essential to preserve their safety and prevent risks related to the area of ​​intervention. That is why it is essential to mark the area of ​​intervention with conos de transito  and appropriate signs.

After giving you advice on choosing site cones according to your location, you will believe with me that all this things really matter, especially bolardos it help also when building the road. our specialist explains how to choose road signs in accordance with the road network you are working on.

Choosing a temporary road sign means identifying:

The panels make it possible to communicate on three types of signage:

A danger

A prescription

An indication

The size and class of the panels comply with the rules and vary according to the type of road (by-law of 5 November 1992 – article 122) and visibility conditions. Thus, a technician working at night or in bad weather conditions will be subject to stricter safety standards.

Our expert guides you on the use of the different temporary signs.

Cones and building blocks (Lübeck) – signage and accessories

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Which cone of construction to choose for my environment?

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The K5A traffic cones , also known as Lübeck cones , allow for temporary signage. They require users to bypass part of the roadway by signaling a danger zone. Easily transportable, they offer high visibility to users. Accessories such as glow sticks, retractable straps or construction lights can be added to the construction markers for optimal visibility. By delimiting the site area presenting a potential danger, the workers as well as the road users are secured.

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