Some vital steps to keep the dust away from your carpets

Children and pets like to roll on the carpets for enjoyment. They love to play on the carpets. Dirty carpets can create health risks to the pets and the children playing on them. 

As carpets capture a lot of dust, it can cause serious health risks. However, keeping them neat and clean decreases the health risks for the children and pets. 

Regular cleaning is the only way to keep the dust away from carpets. Ultimate efficiency is required for proper cleaning. Reliable and efficient cleaners like Nettoyage Imperial can reduce your efforts to keep the dust away from your carpets.

The following steps are vital for properly cleaning the carpets to keep the dust away:

  • Vacuum cleaning: 

Small particles and dust may hide in the carpet and cannot be seen easily. Vacuum cleaning removes all the unwanted small particles with very little effort. 

But you should always move the large things away during vacuum cleaning. You should also clean the edges of carpets for better results. Moreover, never forget to clean the carpets under the furniture and make sure that you have covered all the ground.

  • Spot cleaning:

You should wash the part of the carpet with stains. The liquid cleaners can be used to remove the stains. Hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and vinegar can be used to remove the stains from the carpets. 

After applying the cleaners, you should always wash the treated part with clean water to remove the remaining cleaning products. It will remove the stains without leaving any damage to the carpet.

  • Steam cleaning: 

Steam cleaning is one of the vital steps for effective cleaning of the carpets. You should navigate the steam cleaner slowly on the carpet for better results. 

Hot water can be used with the prepared cleaner to clean the carpet efficiently. The steam cleaners push out water by pushing it forward and it sucks water by pulling it backward. 

The slow movement of the steam cleaners is helpful because it absorbs maximum moisture if moved slowly. The less remaining moisture is more suitable for the carpets.


Cleaning carpets can reduce the health risks to your family members and pets since they like to take a rolly-polly on the carpets. Therefore, cleaning the carpets is vital for the health of your family. 

However, you should always follow specific steps and instructions for cleaning the carpets in a better way. Professional cleaners can give the maximum cleaning results and can save your time. So, don’t refrain from hiring one.