Steel’s Contribution to the Developing World

Steel is the most widely recycled metal material on earth, which is a good thing considering it also the most widely used.  Because of its durability and adaptability, steel and its various forms and alloys can meet a range of industry applications. It has a low production cost, making it a primary choice for needs in the construction, energy, transport, appliances, and packaging industries.

The Construction Sector

A large part of steel use is found in the construction industry. While steel structures are an affordable and efficient use of the materials, there are small construction applications that rely on steel and its various forms. Because it can be surface treated or alloyed to protect it from corrosion, intricate components like the hydraulic fittings San Antonio companies put on the market, steel is a dependable component of machinery or construction equipment that faces heavy weather or environmental exposure.

The Transport Sector

In addition to the importance of steel for promoting railroad growth in the 20th century, steel has also become important to vehicle transportation. Wrought steels are engineered to have properties of ductility, strength, elastic, and corrosion resistance. These properties have made them desirable for auto engineering, and steel accounts for almost 50% of a car’s average weight. Steel is of high strength but lightweight. Various steel alloys are used for the car body, engine, suspension, and interior.

The Energy Sector

Another important industry steel impacts is the energy sector. Wind power, nuclear developments, natural gas plants, and electrical facilities all require steel for their infrastructure. Its also used to help extract resources from the earth, with steel being a part of quarrying and earth-moving equipment.  Because it can stand up to the most demanding environment, steel is used for pipelines, oil platforms, wind turbines, and electromagnets.

Steel engineering has changed the face of many industries with its diversity in application. However, because it is easily recycled, it also does much to promote sustainability within these industries.

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