5 Things You Need To Have A Pet-Friendly House

You owe it to you, your family and your pet to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for everyone. Too often, owners only think about themselves and forget about the wellbeing of the animals that call your place home. If you think dog mess on the floor is bad, imagine what it was like for the pooch that was trapped inside.

A pet-friendly home has certain features, and below are five of the best ones.

#1: Multiple Food/Water Bowls

Food and water bowls in the kitchen aren’t going to suffice if you lock them in the living room all day. It sounds obvious, yet people forget this simple detail all of the time. Why? It’s because you’re in a rush and don’t remember to move the bowls into the front room. Multiple dishes mean there’s no need to worry about whether your dog is going to go hungry or thirsty. Plus, you can fill them with a range of meals, from wet to dry. Click here to find out how their diet helps their wellbeing.

#2: Childproof Latches

Animals are curious and will rummage through the drawers if they get the chance. When you’re not home, this trait can be potentially fatal if they get their noses into a bottle of bleach or cleaning supplies. Childproof latches stop pets from getting into places that they shouldn’t, making sure you avoid a traumatic experience and a hefty vet bill.

#3: Hardwood Flooring

No matter how much you invest in training, there is going to be accidents. Accidents on hardwood floors are ten times easier to deal with than carpets or rugs because it doesn’t get tangled or stain. It stays there until you get back from work and pick it up with a poo bag. Tiles work well too, as does any smooth material.

#4: Smart Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat for the sake of your pet isn’t a reason you hear very often, yet it’s logical. In the UK, it’s going to rain all year round with some sunshine during spring and summer. Because the elements are hard to predict, you need to be able to react in real-time. A smart thermostat that’s controllable via an app on your phone is perfect as you can adjust the temperature to your pet’s liking. If it’s an unusually warm day, turn the heating off and blast the AC. If it’s cold, crank up the boiler until it’s toasty warm.

#5: Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Even pets that are clean moult and leave hairs everywhere. For anyone who likes to keep their home clean, this is one of the most annoying features of being a pet owner. A pet-friendly house, therefore, has an automatic vacuum cleaner that goes around hoovering up any debris. Set it to roam around your home and, at the least, it will pick up some of the slack. That way, you don’t have to do as much housework.

What are the features you rely on to create a pet-friendly house?