Three Signs your Commercial Garage Door Needs Professional Repair or Replacement

If you own a business, there are a lot of reasons to use commercial garage doors. These doors open and retract high into the ceiling of your commercial building or warehouse, making it possible for big machinery or shipments to come in and out of the space successfully. But, using a faulty garage door can stop production on the job site. As a matter of fact, the door can become a health and safety hazard. It’s important to contact a provider of commercial garage door repair if you notice some issues. Most problems can mean you must replace your garage door. Below are some of the issues to watch out for:

The Door Shakes while Opening or Closing

Although commercial garage doors are expected to make a gentle hum and jolt when activated, they must not shake or shutter while in operation. Also, they must not suddenly stop unless you press the emergency button or its mechanism has been turned off manually. In case your door is acting sluggish, contact a repair professional immediately. The tracks of the door might need lubrication or there is a problem with the motor.

Response is Slow Upon Activation

Is your commercial garage door not working as quickly as it used to? Or is it not working at all unless you stand close with an automatic door opener? If so, you may have to change the batteries in your openers first and call a commercial garage door installation and repair professional if new batteries do not fix the issue. Also, your door may have sensor issues. Keep in mind that slow-resending garage doors can cause an accident. This can especially be a problem if your company depends on a strict schedule in and out of the building to keep production profitable.

The Door is Damaged

Although commercial garage doors are designed to be strong and durable, they can wear out over time with all the slamming and opening and closing they have to go through. A damaged door with serious flaws such as dents and metal chips can be dangerous. It may not operate on its tracks as effectively as it should. Also, it can slam down and cause major issues or injuries. Make sure to contact an expert if you suspect there is an issue with your garage door. Depending on the type of damage your door has, it may need a replacement.

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