Living with those who work inside the home in London often proves to be a challenging exercise. One of the reasons for this is the domestic worker sharing the family’s daily life, which tends to weaken the limits of the professional relationship.

Here are the professional profiles most suitable for four professionals in the home:

Detail The Duties Of The Employee

Making it clear from the outset what the employee’s obligations contribute significantly to the smooth running of the household routine. So put everything in the work contract:

working  day (specifying days and times, including rest stops and breaks);

address where the work day will be completed;

possible variations in the working day, and how the compensation of hours will be made, when there is;

salary value ;

overtime arrangements;

functions to be performed;

salary discounts and discrimination on which they relate.

Establish The Limits Of The Labour Relationship

You hired right, registered the duties of the employee (and yours) under contract and she is in full swing. It is time, then, to establish the limits of the labor relationship that began :

Boundaries Of The Maid

It is about separating what is allowed from what should not be done. Therefore, specify as much detail as possible. Restrictions on the use of the cell phone during work need to be expressed, as well as those related to the use of hearing aids in the home.

Also clarify if there are places forbidden access to the maid, or foods and items intended exclusively for the family.

Employee Limits

The rights and the space of your maid must be respected so that the coexistence runs harmoniously.

Be Malleable

You are delighted with the work and coexistence with the maid and her with your employer position. The routine follows the expected for both, but here is an unexpected in the life of the employee. How to deal with it?

Showing yourself flexible is the most sensible thing to do since everyone is subject to events out of schedule.

Be Punctual With Payments

Delaying the maid’s salary is way paving the way for misunderstandings. The employee with late fee is displeased and performs the tasks with ill will. To have a good relationship with the maid, hire the right person for the service at housekeeper London.


A sense of organization and attention to detail are essential skills for this professional.

Given these points, let’s look at another equally relevant aspect: the kind of person you want inside your home. After all, living with the maid is more likely to flow when her profile is aligned with family values.

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