Types and Uses of Agriculture pipe

What is the Agriculture pipe?

Water is an essential element of agriculture. A system in which water is drained on or in the soil to enhance the production of crops is known as the agriculture drainage system. A pipe used in this drainage system is known as an agriculture pipe.

Need for agriculture pipe:

The largest consumer of water in the world is agriculture. But, most of the water it consumes is wasted; only a part of it helps in the production of crops. Hence, the efficient use of water is very important.

To use the water efficiently for agriculture, now, there are some drainage systems or irrigation methods are used by farmers. They are:

  • Surface Irrigation: It is a traditional form of agriculture and has been in use for thousands of years.
  • Micro-irrigation or Drip irrigation: It is also known as low volume or trickle irrigation. In this system, water is distributed under low pressure through a piped network in a pre-determined pattern. Water is delivered drop by drop, at or near the root system of a plant. It is the most efficient system of irrigation.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation: In this system, a pipe is connected to one or more central locations within the field. Water is transported through this pipe and distributed by overhead high-pressure sprinkler.
  • Sub-irrigation: A method in which the water table is raised artificially and allows the soil to be moistened from below the plant root zone.

From the above-listed systems, the last three systems require the usage of pipes.

Types of Agriculture pipe:

  • Tubing Pipes: It is generally used in places where a small diameter pipe is required.
  • Hose pipes: It is a flexible hollow tube.
  • LDPE pipes: Low-Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) has lower tensile strength and higher resilience than HDPE.
  • HDPE pipes: High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) offers excellent corrosive resistant to corrosive acids, bases, and salts.
  • PVC pipes: It can handle sudden pressure and stress better than polyethylene, which is soft and flexible.
  • Sprinkler pipes: It can be efficiently used in sloping land, fields and suits to all climatic conditions.

Uses of Agriculture Pipes:

  • PVC pipes: These pipes are durable. Also, these pipes are less expensive when compared to other metal pipes. PVC pipes are available in different forms that include thickness and rigidity.
  • Sprinkler: There are different types of sprinkler are present. Central pivot: It moves in a circular pattern and water is supplied form the pivot point at the center of the arc. It can be used in all types of terrain. Lawn sprinkler system: It can be used in residential areas, churches, public parks, cemeteries and golf courses. And it is a permanently installed system. Hose-end sprinkler: It can be used for temporary uses. It is designed to work with a typical garden hose.
  • There are different kinds of pipes that can be used for different land surfaces. Hence, efficient usage of water at all-terrain is possible.
  • Pressure, the temperature of the water can be controlled using the piping system. Thus, we can deliver water to the crop at the right temperature, right pressure and right time which yields high production.

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