What Does Air Duct Cleaning Involve and Who Should Do It?

There is a new wave hitting the suburban market and that is the service of duct cleaning. This was never seriously considered in the past as a must-do for a person’s home, but various reasons for doing it have come to light in recent years, most having to do with air quality inside the home.

For people curious to have the service done, they tend to wonder what the process involves and who they should call to have it done. The process itself involves a few different contributing factors to cost, like the size of the system, how accessible it is, and just how dirty it is. 

First, realize that duct cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning the air ducts, themselves. It means cleaning other components of the ventilation system as well, including the registers, diffusers, heat exchangers, drip pans, motor and housing. So, this isn’t just cleaning one part of the heating and cooling system, it’s the cleaning of all of it.

That means to expect a professional team to show up and also expect them to be thorough! This can, but may not necessarily include using chemical biocides designed to eliminate any harmful bacteria that might exist in the system.The process for doing a proper duct cleaning means that professionals need to be hired to carry it out. So, what should people look for in an air duct cleaning company?

Find out what their reputation is like. Never depend on what a company’s website says. It’s designed to tell everyone who visits it that they’re the best, most respected, etc. The right thing to do is to get references from the company and look up online reviews from multiple websites.

Always get an estimate. Once you’ve done that get a few from other companies and compare. The lowest price isn’t always necessarily the best, but it does show a person what the general range is and it helps to narrow down the list.

Expect the whole shebang! Never choose a company who guarantees that they’ll only do half of the job. This is another reason to compare with other companies, because multiple estimates include multiple lists of everything they do and their prices. That means that a prospective client can also discover which businesses are offering the full service, and not just part of it.

Check to see if they’re certified and adhere to national standards. This is a little more difficult to check on, but one can ask to see a professional’s credentials to verify that they are certified HVAC specialists as no one is actually certified to do air duct cleaning. 

Watch out for convenient deals. This is where someone is offering a complete air duct cleaning for only fifty dollars. No one is going to offer a deal like that, because they would be out of business within a short period of time! Deals like that are either scams or they’re deliberately misleading with small print that covers the rest of the cost.

With these guidelines, anyone can get a good, efficient company to do their duct cleaning.