What is an interior designer and what are the primary functions?

Formally, interior design is the branch of architecture that dedicates its effort to achieve a correct distribution and decoration in spaces with a good set. The interior designer is the person in charge of it. To be an interior designer it is necessary to have a deep knowledge and command of a wide variety of techniques. It is important to be clear that interior design is a profession that is studied a lot. It is true that it implies having a great load of talent and creativity, but with these two concepts you cannot get anywhere without technical knowledge. Therefore, although we can play at being interior designers in our own home, we must not lose sight of the fact that an interior designer is a qualified professional, like those of this company.

What are its main functions?

The interior designer is a multifunctional professional. Some of its common functions include:

Interpreting clients: although it seems silly, many times we have our ideas very clear in our heads but it is very difficult for us to transmit them, especially when it comes to abstract concepts. The interior designer must know how to listen and interpret what their clients want to be able to offer them that and, even, go a step further and show them concepts that they themselves would not have imagined (in fact, there is the key between a good and a bad designer).

Design concepts and decorative styles: the fundamental task of the designer is to transform the rooms and give them personality, for this he must design his style and concept based on all the guidelines set by the client.

Make plans and sketches: the interior designer must also have a bit of an artist, architect and graphic designer. You must be able to put the ideas you are going to develop on paper and create a collage of ideas that show the client what the result will be like before they see it.

Organize and supervise the work: you must organize all the tasks involved in transforming a room as well as organize all the professionals involved in it (painter, bricklayer, plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc). Once the work is underway, it acts as a “site manager” supervising and guiding the work that is being done.

Create documentation: Whether it is necessary to lose permissions or create some type of written documentation, the interior designer must be aware of all these tasks.

The profile of an interior designer

An interior designer must be a highly creative person, with an innate talent for distributing volumes and shapes, working with colors, and finding solutions to problems. It must be someone decisive, with organizational and leadership skills. He also has to master many different techniques and be up to date on the latest trends in decoration, fashion. In short, an interior designer is an all-terrain professional who helps us improve the appearance of different spaces. If you need to hire the best professional at affordable prices, contact the HDB interior design company.

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