What is Window Orientation and Natural-Seasonal Shading in Energy Efficient Windows, Doors, and Skylights Installation?

The energy efficient windows, doors and skylights, particularly from the ENERGY STAR, are very necessary for reducing the cost of energy and environmental protection. If you ensure authentic and genuine ENERGY STAR products and install them as per the instruction of the manufacturer you will not only save energy but also save money in terms of rebates and discounts, and warranty. In order to avail these benefits, you must select an efficient and certified professional preferably appointed by the manufacturer. However, besides installing the energy efficient ENERGY STAR materials appropriately, you have other ways to save your energy as well as save money and eventually contribute to environmental protection and promotion. Consult with Cartier Renovations to ensure maximum benefit from energy efficient windows, doors and skylights.

Besides installing the ENERGY STAR produced energy efficient products, you still have other methods especially with a natural phenomenon in order to boost your energy saving. One of them is the appropriate window orientation. The windows on the south facing wall of your house have a higher SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient along with low U-factor towards reducing heat loss in the colder seasons. It means the windows on the eastern and western walls have low SHGC. Therefor renovate the house if you can afford if your windows are not on the south walls. However, you can also consider the U-factor in order to minimise the heat loss.

Similarly, you need a low SHGC in the summer or in warmer climate if your windows are facing south or west or east. In this context, it is wiser to consider low U-factor for all windows, particularly in a hot climate. While constructing a new house or going for a major renovation of your house, you should consider this factor to ensure shade in summer and solar heat gain in winter. This would significantly contribute to your effort of reducing energy use and related cost.

The natural and seasonal shading is one important way to reduce energy consumption besides installing energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. The deciduous trees that lose their leaves in autumn provide shade in the summer if they are consciously planted at the south, west and east facing windows.

The air leak is the leaking of air in or out of your house through windows, doors, skylights and other holes of your house. The air leak causes heat loss in the winter. You need to check all the air leak in your house to prevent heat loss and improve your energy saving.