Which type of flooring is best for your kitchen

The kitchen is the place where many chefs spend their time while displaying their expertise and making their signature cuisine. Many chefs design their according to their needs and desire and they always opt for the best interior for their kitchen, either its countertop, sink area, stove, or its flooring. The kitchen is prone to spills, kitchen flooring experiences a lot of wear and tear, drips, heat, and dropped kitchen utensils.

While selecting kitchen flooring always keep in mind these hazards and select such material for your kitchen flooring that can withstand and handle all readily. Kitchen flooring ought to be durable, with low maintenance and balancing style, function, and comfort simultaneously.

Take a look at the details of the best flooring options available these days which I am mentioning below:

1-Hardwood flooring:

Hardwood flooring is the most popular among people these days because of its durability. There was I time when people dint consider hardwood flooring best for their kitchen due to the presence of moisture in the kitchen, but owing to modish sealer of polyurethane finishes that changes the whole perception, and makes hardwood flooring the long-lasting yet stylish flooring option for the kitchen. This flooring gives a soft and comfyfeel under feet and adds value to your home.

2-Bamboo flooring:

The bamboo flooring has a resemblance with hardwood flooring but in actual bamboo flooring is harder than hardwood flooring. This flooring gives a new and distinct look to your kitchen. The process of manufacturing which turns bamboo into a floor makes it more resilient and waterproof. Presently bamboo flooring becomes the number 1 choice of interior designers and homeowners.

The types of bamboo flooring used in the kitchen are strand woven, solid bamboo, and engineered bamboo.

  • Strand woven is composed of pulped bamboo which the manufacturer pressed and turns into closely packed blocks and form planks from it.
  • Solid bamboo flooring comes into existence by bonding sliced bamboo together.
  • Engineered bamboo is also a good choice for the kitchen as they have a waterproof coating on top.

3- Ceramic tile:

The ceramic tile is consisting natural clay. These tiles can handle all sorts of squirts and messes since they won’t damage the tile.

  • Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile, which is the most durable option for the kitchen as they are 100 percent waterproof; they are harder than other ceramic tiles owing to their manufacturing process.
  • The manufacturing process involves high temperature and long time baking resulting in strengthening tile and increase in shelf life.

4- Cork:

The cork flooring is a pocket-friendly option and a new addition to the flooring industry. It gives a soft springy feel under feet and is available in a variety of grey and brown color shades.

5- Stained Concrete:

The stained concrete is the basic and most resistant flooring option for the kitchen. Its basic style gives a sleek appearance to your kitchen and value to your place, it can be tailored to look like wood, stone, or even tile this is the reason it is considered a go-to option for kitchen flooring.