What Every Homeowner Must Know To Avoid Fire Damage Restoration Scams

Fires can be pretty devastating to deal with already. Imagine being displaced from your home because a part or the whole of it burned down. You would want to make your fire damage restoration, Elkhard, Indiana as stress-free as possible. Here’s what you need to know.


No decent contractor would give you a verbal contract. Do not let any contractor work on the restoration of your home before first explaining what his team could do for your damaged home. Make sure that these promises are recorded. You could record the conversation if your contractor is comfortable with it, but you must not settle for a verbal agreement. Have your contractor draw up a clear, easy to understand contract with little to no fine print on it. The best contractors have nothing to hide and will not try to trap you into an agreement.

Don’t pay upfront

Paying for everything at the beginning of the job is a very bad way to get anything done in your home. With nothing at stake, your contractor could easily run away with your money. If you are having your fire damage restoration, Elkhard, Indiana done, you must make sure you’re paying in increment, according to how much work has been done to your home. Some contractors would ask for an initial payment just to help pay for the materials and labor. You can continue with your staggered payments as work is accomplished in your home.

Understand the contract

Do you find that the contract is so confusing because it’s filled with a lot of jargon? One way to not fall for this trap is to refuse the contract. Tell them you cannot sign something that you do not understand. If they can rewrite the contract in simple terms, including the amount of work to be done, the sourcing and payment of the funds, and the number of people to be hired. Also, refusing a vague contract shows you’re serious about your business. You’re not willing to fall into any traps and your contractor should stop pulling your leg.

Watch out for the downpayment

Legally speaking, contractors for fire damage restoration, Elkhard, Indiana can only charge you 10% of the total contract price. Any deviation from this amount (if they dare to ask for more) can be reported to authorities as it is not considered fair.

Know your rights

Every state will have laws drawn up to protect consumer rights. Read up on your rights as a homeowner to make sure that your fire damage restoration, Elkhart, Indiana proceeds to your favor. You can be a fair contractee, but your contractor should live up to your expectations.

Soliciting is a red flag

If you have a neighbor who is going door-to-door selling his business, you could look him up but be very skeptical. While there’s nothing really wrong with neighborly marketing, you might wonder why his business is not picking up. Ask for testimonials before trusting him to do the job. Don’t be fooled by charms because your home will suffer if you’re too easily swayed.

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